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my new toooooooon

by biddle peep........ i worked on dis a very long timezz.... much longer than speeedosausage....
The longest bit was finding musiccc for the toooon... i search high n low for something that would suit da background music bt cudnt find anythingzz..... Then i stumbled across viking guitar.... Holy pooo.... he is amazing.... he is a super cool metal nerd guy that makes video game music n his cover fit PERFUCTLY with the toooooon....

Music really gives your tooon that extra flavour topping... without it.. ur toon is plain..... n that boring

a message to all indie animatorz
its best to work with n promote indie music pplz (instead of using mainstreamm music_

back to school/college

2013-09-21 04:42:27 by LardSticks

Side scrolling Video games

2013-08-20 16:39:30 by LardSticks


#1 My heart n soul n love n spirit goes into sidescrolling videos like these

#2 Volunteeringz during the week for a charity as i still lwkin for a real job

#3(rant) Ther are lots of peopl out there that review video games n do commentaries video games but no 1 goes out ther way to actually make video

#4 Finkin of creatin my own lardsticks sidescrolling video game for android, iphone n steam,


2013-05-31 16:08:24 by LardSticks rmikrog

job da gone

2013-02-28 04:47:28 by LardSticks

</div>My job is no longr-
Meanin monies wil run oot
Meanin i cnt aford 2 buy burgrs, pizzahs, n stuff
Meanin cartooooons wil b infectd<div class="blogmedia">

If only i had unclegrandpa

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2012-11-10 13:57:02 by LardSticks

parodies r reli gud coz lotz of ppl understand wat is goin on. I fink they is funy.

Mor movies comin soon