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Entry #6

Dead thing space - viking guitar - MUSIC n ur toons

2013-11-01 12:44:32 by LardSticks


my new toooooooon

by biddle peep........ i worked on dis a very long timezz.... much longer than speeedosausage....
The longest bit was finding musiccc for the toooon... i search high n low for something that would suit da background music bt cudnt find anythingzz..... Then i stumbled across viking guitar.... Holy pooo.... he is amazing.... he is a super cool metal nerd guy that makes video game music n his cover fit PERFUCTLY with the toooooon....

Music really gives your tooon that extra flavour topping... without it.. ur toon is plain..... n that boring

a message to all indie animatorz
its best to work with n promote indie music pplz (instead of using mainstreamm music_


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2013-11-03 09:23:03

im eating

LardSticks responds:



2013-11-06 11:58:29

Amazing video as always, well worth the wait.

Viking Guitar also did a few collabs in Harmony of a Hunter and a few with Stemage. You should check those out too.